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The Swank List

The Swank List Summer 2016

Our top 151) Devotees of the novel and film Perfume understand the passionate intensity bordering on obsession in the fragrance industry. Rome’s Arte Profumi is a jewel box boutique, dedicated to crafting soigné sensuous scents, displayed almost fetishistically, as contemporary olfactory artworks. Our fave? Fumoir, redolent of cigars and cognac: an explosion of peppercorn, leather, […]

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Our Top 21, A-to-Z (Spring 2016)

South Africa is celebrated for safaris and Stellenbosch wines, not spirits, but Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky beautifully channels Scotland’s national drink. Warm amber hue, toasted nut and tropical fruit aromas, satin-smooth and spicy on the palate: You’d swear you were in the Scottish Highlands not the Capelands. $29.99

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