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Letter From Asia Bali

One of the things I love most about travelling is the opportunity to witness the collision of different cultures, seeing something created which is not only new but brilliant. Hoshinoya Bali encompasses that phenomenon completely: the head of this extraordinary resort hotel is in Japan, but its feet are embedded in the earth of Indonesia’s most beguiling island, Bali. The designers have […]

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Letter from Asia Bhutan

Greetings! I have arrived in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. High in the Himalayan Mountains, where the peaks are so tall their summits seem to get lost in the heavens, I have come in search of peace and oneness with nature. Many years ago, I read that the Kingdom of Bhutan had adopted a novel policy: the government […]

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Letter From North America – Key West

Dear John, Yes, this is one of those letters. I am writing because, although I love being with you, I need a break. The level of familiarity thrust upon us this year, due to you know what, has made me grow weary. There’s a place that I have discovered that offers me more of what I need to feel […]

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Letter from Europe – Dorset, England

Letter from Europe: Dorset, England Dear friends, The cliffs of Lyme Regis on the south coast of England are full of secrets. This is the Jurassic Coast — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — where some of the earliest and most significant discoveries of dinosaurs were found. Walking along the beach at Lyme Bay you […]

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Letter from Asia – India

Letter from Asia… India’s Golden Triangle Namaste! I’m living a fairytale in India. I followed an elephant down the road, and stopped to chat with his mahout.In a palace I was greeted by a genuine princess, and we drank tea on the terrace while peacocks strutted by. Priests garlanded with marigolds set tea lights adrift on the lake after […]

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Letter from Florida Keys

Walking through an executive area of Ft Lauderdale International Airport, I’m ready for a some disconnection from the predictable schedule of city life, during my stay at the Adults Only (21 and older) All Inclusive Resort The Bungalows Key Largo. The all inclusive resort on Florida’s northernmost Key, is a relative stone’s throw by car […]

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Letter from Punta Cana

Letter from the Caribbean Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Hi guys, A lot has changed in Punta Cana over the years. The arrival experience at the airport has changed for the better and taking advantage of the VIP experience is an excellent way to kick off a vacation. We checked out the adults-only Excellence El Carmen […]

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A Letter from Africa – Cape Town

Sawubona! Welcome to South Africa. I’m spending a week exploring “The Mother City”, also known as Cape Town. Though it’s not the country’s capital, this vibrant city boasts everything you could wish for, from culture to commerce. I have checked in at Cape Grace, a grand hotel on a private quay, a fabulous waterfront location. […]

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Letter from North America: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

The air is crisper and the playful days of summer have become recent memories. I am more than happy to warm up to autumn and all the fun of the season. Writing you from Chicago, where—in a few months, things will definitely be a bit colder. The coolest thing about this city is how walkable […]

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Letter from North America: O’ahu, Hawai’i

Touched down, for the first time, in Hawai’i and it was late, very dark, and a little damp. My flight from the mainland to the islands was scheduled for a night arrival and it could not have worked out any better. I wanted to awake to the majesty of O’ahu and in particular, my view […]

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