Letter from Miami Beach


Letter from Miami Beach

Como Metropolitan Miami Beach

Dear Self,

The days in Miami are warm and the air is thick. The water here is as you might expect, warm and blue. We made a good choice to come and stay at the Como. The renovated Art Deco hotel tugs at the child in me. As soon as the bellman showed me to my room, the terrazzo flooring that was such a popular choice in South Florida in years gone by, spoke to me. I had to slip off my shoes and stand with my bare feet to feel that special cooling feeling that only this floor can give. The hipness of the room itself made all of me feel super cool. Pastel green walls, set off by grey trim and drapery, created a sanctuary. The stark white bed and rocking chair acted as punctuation marks to a statement that read, “You will relax.” The tufted leather armoire and three-tiered light fixture were simple touches of luxe. My goal was to follow the edict to relax. I came for the hydrotherapy on the roof and that was my first stop.

The rooftop spa was my second stop, if I am being honest. I had to make my way to the Met Pool Restaurant and Bar for the famed cucumber colada. Sans alcohol, this is a perfect spa elixir. It is a light green piña colada, laced with mint, cucumber and secret green additions that refresh and cleanse. I sipped this by the pool that is intimately tucked between the sand and the hotel. If I had not made alternate plans, I could have sat here all day. With my last sip of colada having been taken, I was off to the spa terrace for a nice lunch, pacing myself before heading out by the hydrotherapy pool. Once I finished lunch, I was up there on deck with viewsof the Atlantic Ocean as the jets released what they needed to release and the pounding cascade of water took me to another place entirely. This hydrotherapy experience is unique as they have found a way to harness the curative powers of water while coupling it with nature’s show of her own magnificence when it comes to water. Talk about mind and body connection! This spacious rooftop hydrotherapy is open to guests 24/7.

Self, you made a great choice. Now to grab the yoga mat from the suite and come back up for sunset elf-guided yoga and another plunge into this watery world of relaxation and elimination.

Fun fact: yoga mats are placed in each suite for guests to use during their stay. Can you say, self-love on vacation? I can.


Gina Hines


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