The Sherry Netherland

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New York City
The city that boasts an array of swanky offerings and elegant stays is the perfect home for the Sherry Netherland. It’s New York…It’s going to be in a tall building. Yet this apartment hotel is hidden in plain sight, right on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park. Location, location, location… and space, space, space!
Each floor houses just a few of the hotel’s 50 rooms and suites, allowing guests to take advantage of one of New York City’s hottest, most precious commodity: space. This unique boutique hotel has ornate ceiling artwork and elevators from the Vanderbilt mansion with original inlaid wood detailing, preserved and maintained to the highest standards. No worries about guests damaging these treasures, as the elevator attendant handles all the details of their coming and going. There’s even a tufted seat for those who can’t stand for the ride. These guys must have seen and heard it all. Not dropping names, but The Sherry has been – and is – home to captains of industry, Francis Ford Coppola, Andy Garcia, Danny Kaye and Diana Ross. But shh, this is a well-kept secret for a very good reason.
The hotel’s history dates back to 1892, but the current building wasn’t erected until 1927. Although Louis Sherry (who died one year prior to its completion) wasn’t personally involved in the landmark hotel, his touch can be found in some rooms upon check in. Mr. Sherry was a confectioner and his chocolates live on as a welcome gift. Very sweet!
The staff’s attention to you and your specific desires is noticeable from your entrance: They already know you by name. Whether you filled out a special request form, are a repeat guest or are simply chatting upon check in, each stay is specialized. Each of the 50 rooms is uniquely decorated and designed, many with glorious views of Central Park, so check out the details when booking. If the rich warm wood in the elevators, the gilded artwork throughout and some of the most comfortable beds in town don’t make you bat an eyelash, then perhaps the presence of the famed Cipriani’s in the lobby will do the trick.


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