Letter From North America – Florida Keys


Aaah the Florida Keys,

Sending you a note from a place where things more than simply “Survive” they “Thrive to a Laid Back Tropical Vibe.” For centuries pirates, the Spanish-American and World Wars, hurricanes, failed and successful railroads, cycles in cigar manufacturing and sponge fishing, and weekly 18th Century shipwrecks on the reef that keeps the water relatively calm around Key West, brought good and bad economic fortunes to this island chain– depending on how much in salvage rights the locals got from the wrecks, yet today they’re still atop the luxury relaxation game.

Drive at your pace, stopping for shells, shirts, seafood swims skin or scuba dives or sunsets as the mood takes you. Take in the view from wherever tickles your fancy. Start In the Upper Keys with Largo, ease down to Islamorada and Marathon then finish with a leisurely U-Turn on US-1, the vehicular artery through this water-based paradise.

Regardless of what happens, you can count on The Florida Keys’ reputation as a top-notch vacation destination as reliably as their sunsets will take your breath away.

Come down and revel until dawn on the Duval Street, their main drag, or simply hang out and relax in The Marquesa, a classic Old Town Key West hotel, then head to the west side and check out the sunset.

If you take this leisurely route south, at the physical end of you’re your tip, you’ll be in Key West and whether you swim, bicycle, moped or walk around the island, though you’ll find a wide range of activities, you can’t go terribly far, The US’s Southernmost getaway is only a few miles wide.

Hoping you’ll come here,



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