Letter from Coastal Oaxaca, Mexico


Hello from paradise,

Puerto Escondido, located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in the state of Oaxaca, literally translates to “hidden port,” and I like it that way. Although I’ve visited Mexico more times than I can recall, upon arrival I instinctively sensed something special and almost magical about this little-known destination. The road to Vivo Resorts, where I stayed, was bumpy and filled with sensorial stimulation, a cow here, an endemic flower there, mountains and greenery everywhere, and the soft light of a lavender-pink sunset. It’s no wonder why two-time Canadian Olympian, Cary Mullen chose this as the setting for his oceanfront resort and Real Estate development.

Vivo, which means alive in Spanish, is a name quite representative of the area, bustling with surf, festivals, outstanding Oaxacan cuisine and an active expat community. At the center of it all, there is, of course, an impressive stretch of coastline which has put the town on the map as a world-class surfing destination. While Playa Zicatela, Playa Carrizalillo and Playa Principal are a must-see for beach lovers, Puerto Escondido has other waves to ride. Think food.

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s top culinary destinations and in Puerto Escondido, for very little cash, one can find fresh seafood in every corner as well as traditional dishes like the “mole” sauce and even chicatanas (flying ants), a delicacy only found twice a year at the start of the rainy season. Coffee enthusiasts will enjoy a pit stop at Bi Nisa, a charming organic café offering fresh brews, cacao, hibiscus jam, nut butters, honey and hot sauces– all made in-house, all very well received by my taste buds.

Nature lovers will enjoy Laguna Manialtpec, come early in the morning for its impressive bird watching and at night for its bioluminescent waters. The town is also a gem for shopaholics, like myself, where one can find traditional textiles and crafts. Make sure to stop by the local market for fresh flowers, authentic food and souvenirs, or stroll El Adoquin, a colorful street lined with local artisans where you’ll find woodwork, freshly-baked pastries, jewelry and traditional black pottery (yes, I took home one of each).

And there you have it; the secret has been spilled…because it would have been selfish to keep too much of a good thing to myself.

Until next adventure,





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