Lastarria Hotel – Santiago, Chile


The Singular Santiago, Lastarria Hotel is a hip and upscale coupling of neoclassic French architecture and early modern 20th century style. In the sophisticated city of Santiago, this property is right at home. When you are in between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean you’re competing with natural beauty and tempting escapes, but Santiago holds its own with a wealth of things to see and do.

We love staying at this property because of its timeless atmosphere reflective of the cultural and artistic character of iconic buildings in Lastarria, a historic neighborhood in the center of Santiago. The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Visual Arts and the Gabriela Mistral Center are all easily accessible from the hotel, if you want to leave.
The hotel blends seamlessly into the surrounding barrio, with interiors that pay homage to past centuries. Striking doorways mark the transition from public to private areas, bearing esemblances to those you may see as you wander the winding streets of the city.

Charm, sophistication, allure and swank are all woven into the details of this wonderful hotel. Explore where these doors lead and find ones that culminate in an outdoor terrace, offering spectacular views of the Parque Forestal, and the historic and culturally significant buildings that make up the city’s landscape. All the amenities of any well-appointed hotel can be found here. Intimate dining options are available directly in the lobby.

Seating only 70 guests, the restaurant’s style is classic and elegant. With a primarily French and seasonal menu but also serves traditional dishes such as liebre a la royal, foie gras and canard á la presse, as well as local specialties such as chañaral, penca, arope, hedgehogs, guanaco and black edged oysters from Chiloe. Lunch here is casual-yet-sophisticated.

Worth the trip when visiting Chile! 


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