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The Swank List

Deb’s Swank Pick – Winter 22/23

Tequila Komos Tequila Komos respects tradition but is not bound by the past, using global inspiration and an innovative spirit to create something truly extraordinary. The Komos Collection features expressions that appeal to both light and dark spirit drinkers: an Añejo Cristalino, Reposado Rosa, and Extra Añejo. This portfolio is the highest rated ever, with […]

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The Swank List – Fall 2022

Something for Everyone…     The Brrrn Can you feel it? So there’s getting your fitness on with Peloton but what’s missing? Sideways exercise, that’s what. We often focus on forward/backward motion fitness but miss out on toning and working out many muscle groups when we don’t include lateral exercises in our regimen. Lacking lateral movement […]

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Swank List

This Swank List is what we all (over 21) need to kick off ‘21 These are a few of our favorite things, to drink throughout a year full of hope and possibilities. By The Editors   Keep your spirits high this year We adore the well-rounded foundation of a great bourbon. Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon […]

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Swank List winter 19

Swank List This winter’s wine Swank List is curated by Amy Sedeño. These are a few of her favorite splurge-worthy wines to gift and sip during the holidays. Amy is certified by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and has worked with brands such as Barton & Guestier and Wines of Chile. She’s a contributor […]

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Swank List Winter 18

This winter’s Swank List is curated by Peta Phipps. These are a few of her favorite things for travel this winter. She loves travel (obviously). Pairing this passion with her penchant for the coupling of casual elegance and you’ll see why her picks for this winter are a perfect fit for her (and you). Her […]

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Elevating all things water…

Tea Fortē encourages us to steep with elegance. Tea Over Ice®, elevating iced tea to a higher level. Only Tea Fortē could transform a cool glass of iced tea into an entertaining event. Authentic iced tea is steeped and flash-chilled moments before you drink it in their sculpturally designed, heat resistant Steep & Chill™ Pitcher […]

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Proof is out there

This Rockstar company has designed the world’s first water bottle made with medical grade steel—which means it’s made from high-quality materials that will last longer than other bottles on the market. They also don’t use toxic insulation materials like copper coatings, so it’s a more sustainable bottle compared to other water bottles on the market, while being a healthy choice. Something...

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Well isn’t that just S’well

 S’well is the fashionable, reusable hydration accessory company that moves beyond the bottle yet again with the launch of the Roamer, an on-the-go shareable beverage accessory. The same genius design team behind the coveted S’well hydration products worked tirelessly to create a larger vessel that caters to families, beer and cocktail aficionados, and fitness enthusiasts. Available […]

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Get To Sipping (While you’re stepping.)

Hydaway, the uniquely portable, re-usable, collapsible and infinitely adaptable water bottle makes the perfect beach companion to keep you well-hydrated on summer days. Whether surfing on the Pacific ocean, sunbathing on the white sands of Miami Beach, snorkeling off Bali, or partying in Rio de Janeiro, pack a Hydaway bottle for fresh, cold drinking water. We also like it for […]

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Getting Into Your Element

It is the key to a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. Elemental understands that by stripping down to the bare necessities, you’re left with pure results that not only maximize functionality, but also withstand the test of time. Elemental asks that you check your vital signs and uncover the qualities that are truly essential to your life – then add a […]

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