Hotel Marignan-Paris



Just off the Champs Élysées is Hotel Marignan. As they say in real estate and all things fabulous– location, location, location. Besides being perfectly positioned in Paris, this hotel has more than the necessary five-star accommodations and amenities. Although every room is blissfully wonderful, we highly recommend you get the suit on the 6th floor and you’ll never need to leave the hotel.

The minimalist (only in design) bathroom offers views from the tub out to your balcony and bits of the city beyond. Stepping out on to the living space that is your balcony, you’ll see why we say you’ll never want to leave.  The Eiffel Tower is to your right and the Champs Elysee is to your left; the city is actually at your feet. This isn’t a patio or some outside space where one or two people can stand and precariously perch a glass of champagne.

This is a true patio with dining table that seats eight, cozy seating on each end, topiaries to add to the landscape and did we mention the Eiffel Tower is right there in plain view? Oh, you’ll want to check in to this hotel that was originally built in the 1850’s and swankily added on to over the centuries. There’s nothing dated about Hotel Marignan Champs-Elysees. As the doorman opens the door to the hotel a cocoon of colors and understated art embraces you.  

Some of the collections are rotated throughout the year.  The restaurant, Nubé, BY JUAN ARBELAEZ is a fusion between Colombian and French cuisine.  This unexpected coupling is both dramatic and delicious at the same time. The hotel will become a favorite in Paris as the hospitable and professional staff will make you feel more than welcome. You are in the thick of Paris and in the lap of luxury. This is Parisien refinement at its best.  If you are ever looking for a bespoke travel experience in France, you’ll find one here in Paris.



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