Letter from Mozambique


Bom dia,

I am loving sitting on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the southern Africa. This week we are vacationing at Azura Quilalea Private Island in Mozambique and embarking on an ocean safari adventure. From the pristine waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago Marine Sanctuary at Azura Quilalea Private Island, to the extraordinary sea life found at Azura Benguerra Island, both National Parks invite us to explore the ocean and uninhabited beaches surrounding both islands, with a multitude of activities to make lifelong memories. We brought the entire family on this journey, knowing the uniqueness of this island vacation. Our favorite family activity has been the ocean safari. We took part in everything from excellent diving sites, fun water activities, and whale -watching, to fishing for local species, educational guided marine walks, where crowds of ghost crabs scuttle by, and had a chance to take in a few incredible turtle sightings. These two 5-star Mozambican destinations helped us create unforgettable and extraordinary family memories.

I also took a few moments away at the villa to enjoy some alone time and then took full advantage of access to the boats on the island and dove right off one into the Indian Ocean, just to soak in it. As the sun set, we chose the perfect finish to our day by opting to use the Water Sports centers sunset sail on a dhow cruise, a time-honored tradition in Africa. From here we were able to witness the almost indescribable views as twilight set along the horizon while we enjoyed refreshments watching the simplicity of Mozambican life unfold on the shores as we sail by.

This is paradise.


This is an incredible private island escape and knowing how much I love Portuguese, it was an easy pick since the native language is Portuguese. Knowing how much I love the language made the choice to come all this way a little easier. I brushed up on old words and learned some new ones, all in this private island paradise.


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