Letter from the South Pacific


You guys…

Maeva (welcome) to paradise. For us this is really a welcome back since we came to The Brando last year. The private island is so lovely that we could not stay away. Flying in from Los Angeles is a lengthy trip, but much shorter than when we flew in from New York once. Regardless of where you’re coming from, when you arrive, via a quick private jet trip from Tahiti, all thoughts are focused on this atoll of tranquility and luxury and all the attention of the staff is on you, leaving you with nothing to do but relax and enjoy. We did that from the moment our Ukulele strumming singer welcomed us to her home. This is the place so tranquil, secure and private that it is said that President Obama chose this island resort as a vacation spot after leaving office. I think that must have been after he went kite surfing with Sir Richard Branson. Anyway, you get the idea. This is the place to see and not necessarily be seen, but who are we kidding? The crystal clear blue waters, powdery white sand beaches and the private villas positioned around the island to give ultimate privacy offer the most delicious social media backdrops and foregrounds. Check our feed to see exactly what we mean. Marlon Brando had the foresight to know that this tiny landmass in the middle of the South Pacific was pure paradise. As I sit and sit cocktails at Bob’s bar, because the Ruinart champagne in my villa is what I do at sunset from my pool, I ponder my dinner options and Les Mutinés by Guy Martin wins out every time. This Michelin-worthy restaurant and world-class wine cellar are the best for my evening meals. I hear next year there’s the addition of a Teppanyaki table over at Beachcomber’s. Sigh…now I have yet another reason to come back to my South Seas paradise. Join us next year and explore this brilliantly orchestrated mostly self-sufficient eco-friendly luxury escape.
Let’s not say nana (goodbye) but rather see you soon.

All the best,



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