Letter from the Caribbean – Merida, Mexico


Buenos Dias,

I am writing to you from my Hennequen hammock at the Hacienda Petac in Merida, Mexico. Right beneath me is a lap pool and as I write to you, I am serenaded by the song of exotic birds. I am surrounded by larger than life vegetation and stunning Moorish architecture.

Words cannot do justice to the beauty, luxury and hospitality of this incredibly relaxing and tranquil retreat! Perhaps like you, I wasn’t familiar with Merida and hadn’t realized it was the largest city and capital of the State of Yucatan, only a few hours from Cancun and an easy destination. I soon learned that Merida was nominated twice as the Cultural Capital of the Americas.

I can see why.

Hacienda Petac sits atop ancient unexcavated Mayan ruins and touts itself as “Heaven but with Better Service”.  They aren’t exaggerating. My partner and I have been pampered from the moment we entered the premises by the staff of 24 carefully tending to our every need like fairies.

For instance, we hang a little embroidered café tag outside of our bedroom door in the morning and within minutes there is a delivery of delicious coffee in porcelain cups. After a luxuriating massage, we lounged aside the spa in our cozy bathrobes and seconds later, two bashful girls in white traditional Yucatecan dresses approached us for our drink order.

That is not all.  The food here is a culinary delight and masterfully presented with dishes containing fresh herbs and vegetables straight from the organic garden.

In fact, we participated in a fabulous cooking class in the Yucatecan traditional kitchen where we learned to make the hacienda’s own Caldillo Poblano soup with fresh poblano peppers from the garden and corn tortillas using a traditional cast iron press.  The girls even taught us the art of napkin folding and radish carving.

If relaxing in this opulence is not enough and you want a break during your week, you can venture out to see the Mayan ruins of Uxmal, visit the port town of Progresso or head into town for an evening of fun and music at the Plaza de Santiago. Don’t forget to grab a sorbet at the famous Sorbeteria Colon on the Paseo De Montejo.

Did I tell you that Hacienda Petac hasn’t raised its prices in 15 years? What an affordable vacation for a family or group of friends!

Heaven?  They are right indeed.

Via con dios,

www.haciendapetac.com Robin


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