Letter from Africa – Johannesburg


Good day,

This trip has been everything we anticipated. We planned on vacationing in an authentic Zulu style camp and Shambala hit the nail on the head.  Now we are only three hours from Johannesburg, set within a 10,000 hectare, Big Five reserve in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains. Standing in awe on our terrace, we see the hippos returning from the bush to wallow in the river. They look happier than pigs in…you know. It’s the perfect prompt for us to schedule a little self-care ourselves. Time to avert our gaze from the flowing river below and slip out of our thatched cottage to the spa. The streams from the river run through the camp, keeping us close to the flow of nature at all times. Our butler guides us to the spa and as we wend our way through the eight chalets, through his capable guidance, we are distracted by the luxurious comfort with which we are able to enjoy this authentic and holistic experience. The birdcalls echoing off the water bring us back to the present moment, being amidst this camp is a gift only few can give themselves and we are grateful to be here.

The spa is within our sites now. Inspired by its African bushveld surroundings and remarkable flora and fauna, the spa provided us with the perfect oasis. We know that tomorrow we will be back. After a day of game drives we will again indulge in what the spa specializes in offering; truly African therapies including its signature ‘Kalahari Facials’. After today’s Shambala Signature Journey massage, we already know what thetreatments will be for the next day. The Baobab Vitamin C Facial for me with its ultra-firming, anti-ageing approach, it’s also rich in organic Vitamin C and essential antioxidants. My cohort is diving face first into the Honey Bush Facial.

Honey Bush Facial which is a combination of effective African plant extracts and oils that nourish dull and dehydrated skin. Rejuvenated and ultra-hydrated, we are ready to take on the next adventure on offer, a bush picnic. Fret not, we will be accompanied by professional game rangers as we get romantic and fancy in the wild. Next time we promise to send more pictures.





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