The Singluar Patagonia Hotel


We find ourselves traveling outside the obvious as much as we can and here we are in a post-Victorian cold-storage plant built in 1915, smack in the middle of Patagonia. The hotel is called The Singluar, Patagonia – Puerto Bories Hotel. It’s hard to get much cooler than this. Not far from downtown Puerto Natales, less than 2.5 miles , Puerto Bories was a town created by the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego a sheep meat and wool processing plant. This focus is known as a “frigorifico” The hotel is located in the converted “Frigorifico Puerto Bories”. Very cool!

This industrial complex was originally built to process and export the frozen meat to Europe. The sheep came from all over Patagonia. The factory was in operation for 70 years, generating work and contributing to the development of the region. After a lengthy period of neglect, the building was restored to its former industrial grandeur and as a result
of the meticulous conservation, was declared a National Monument in 1996.

The owners, whose ancestors were among the pioneers who worked at the plant, had a brilliant idea. They not only wanted to return the building to its former glory, but they wanted to add a twist: transforming it into the finest and most unique luxury hotel in Patagonia. We say they’ve succeeded in doing just that. The Victorian engine room, the tannery, the blacksmith shop, all meticulously restored. As you wend your way through the resort, you’ll find constant reminders of an industrial past.

These are reflections of a different time, when risk-takers came to Patagonia to start a new life in an untamed land. Singular’s celebration of heritage; bringing Patagonia’s proud past back to life is an art form worth the trek to these parts of South America. You’ll be spoiled for choice between excursions, glimpses of history, fine dining and the unparalleled displays put on by Mother Nature.

Boats, horseback riding, trekking, kayaking, fly-fishing and mountain biking. Palates are sure to be tempted and tantalized as Chef Pasqualetto re-imagines traditional, regional recipes; fully respectful of the area’s culture and its rich by-products using only locally grown and fresh ingredients. The cocktail barinvites us indulge ourselves, relax and share experiences in the warmth of a fireplace, savoring some of the best wines Chile has to offer. Get here!


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