Ritz Carlton – Sarasota, Florida


Renowned Ritz Carlton style and service is to be found on Florida’s central west coast. This hotel is sat inside a marina, just on the outskirts of downtown Sarasota and serves up sunsets to beat the band. As the eye stretches across Sarasota Bay beyond the John Ringling Causeway and sees clearly past St. Armand’s Key to the horizon, you will be taking in some of the finest shows Mother Nature offers. From any of the Ritz Carlton’s west-facing balconies, you can catch this scene as it unfolds, but we highly recommend booking yourself into a suite on the concierge level of the hotel. Here you can kickback with cocktails, wine, snacks and meals served throughout the day, but at sunset you’ve a brilliant perch from which to view the sunset and all the amenities to spoil you as you do so. The service that one has come to expect from this chain is evident in every aspect of the guest experience, from arrival to departure. The Sarasota location is fabulous for families, couples and business travelers alike as its location puts guests in the thick of the city with the luxury of being above it all. Slip out of the marina and spend your days at the beach with the beach club access. The destination is known to a certain type of traveler and is rapidly becoming unearthed by those seeking new places to visit in Florida. We can tell you that traveling outside the obvious offerings of Florida and exploring this hotel and its surroundings will keep you coming back for more.

Speaking of cravings…Jack Dusty’s brown bread. Those four words are really going to sit well with you once you’ve dined at the hotel’s main restaurant. You might add a fifth– amazing. The fact that its baked and served from a tin can, just as Jack had I done, grabs your attention but once the presentation of this humble beginning to the evening’s meal has concluded and the tale of why it’s in a tin had drawn you in, you will devour the loaf and wonder when you can make your next reservation. The restaurant is designed around an ode to the sea and must be experienced to full grasp the execution of the concept. Relaxed elegance is the theme felt throughout the hotel, so come prepared. To be completely satisfied, include the spa experience 80 minutes is the minimum recommended (by Swanky Retreats) amount of time for any treatment here. The staff is gifted and if you can carve out 120 minutes of your day to be really relaxed, then this spa is for you. See Sarasota from the Ritz Carlton and rethink Florida’s other coast.



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