The National Hotel – South Beach, Florida


Grow old gracefully and never let them see you crack. This could be the tagline for the National Hotel. For 75 years, this Collins Avenue jewel has welcomed guests to the shores of Miami Beach. Grace comes more easily to some than it does to others and as they say, “location, location, location.” Surely the painstaking maintenance of a beachfront hotel must be an ongoing affair and they do it well at this property. A true beauty with its classic Art Deco lines and sleek pool, the hotel envelopes guests in a blanket of nostalgia as soon as they enter the lobby. The design and décor of are immediate ques that set the context of what once was and can very well be again, if only for vacation. With their 116 guestrooms and 36 cabanas and suites, they’ve done more than keep up appearances. The National has partnered with some of today’s hottest artists and creative minds, and taken on initiatives that also keep it vibrant and youthful. By utilizing the space that would be a traditional gorgeous room or suite and allowing these artisans the use it as their canvas. Albeit a juxtaposition to the nostalgia of the rest of the feel of the hotel. The idea brings the space to life.

The fusion of past and present is also found at Tamara Bistro and in their refreshing poolside cocktails at Aqua Pool & Lounge. If surrounding yourself with the décor of the mid-twentieth century ambiance is what you crave, while remaining au courant, then handcrafted libations at the indoor Blues Bar is a great place to be and be seen. If it’s out and about you want to be, then simply step outside of the hotel onto Collins Avenue, and the best of South Beach is at your feet. Dancing, dining, clubbing, bar-hopping and people watching are yours, once you hit this infamous thoroughfare, as you open the lobby doors.

We trust you’ll be back to rest and recover on the sands of what can only be described as one of the world’s most popular beaches. The hype may lead one to believe that there are throngs of people and few seating options to be had. The hotel has you covered on this front as well. Slip out the wooden gate behind the pool and step unto what is an extension of The National with sand beneath your feet. The service on the beach is also provided by the hotel, so sit back, relax and soak in the sun, in moderation of course, you want to look this good in 75 years as well. Add the National Hotel to your South Beach list of places to stay. You’ll be glad you did.



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