The Marmara Park Ave, New York


This pied-à-terre boasts a truly artistic, warm, understated glamour. From the moment you walk into the lobby everything is simply elegant. There is nothing ornate about this NYC gem but its understated glamour is only highlighted by the impeccable service. The iron and glass trellis welcomes you into the lobby, setting the tone for the rest of your stay; unique, beautiful, glamorous, but never too much. With the subtle nods to the Marmara bird all throughout the lobby you really do feel transported to a sort of artist’s dreamland.

The lobby was thrilling but I couldn’t have fully prepared myself for the spacious, chic, comfort that this pied-à-terre had in store. With a lovely Italian style kitchenette, a gorgeous marble bathroom, and wonderful living space (fully equipped with massive flat screen, iPad, and Dean and Deluca mini bar snacks) I was ready to move in and never leave.

Once I’d had a long bath and snuggled up in the massive king-sized bed, I felt a craving for- don’t judge me- a glass of milk and cookies. With a tinge of embarrassment I scour the room looking for a room service menu but before I get too far I notice the Marmara iPad. From there I was able to scroll through all my options and hunt down my cookie and milk, guilt free. I pressed submit and before I knew it, I was free of embarrassment and chowing down on my favorite desert, watching movies, and waiting out the blizzard.

As a Millennial New Yorker, I know how rare it is to have space to entertain, sleep, cook, and bathe that isn’t all crammed into a 5×5 “creatively organized” space. So in an effort to take advantage of our gorgeous hotel suite, I did what any proper Millennial would do and threw a little get together to brave the blizzard.

As the night drew to a close I began seeing my friends out and forgot that this isn’t my home and is, in fact, a hotel. A hotel that made me feel like I could achieve the impossible: A spacious renovated studio apartment off Park Avenue with tons of sunlight and hardwood floors.

This is New York City.


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