Letter From Europe – Greece



On a last-minute whim, I decided to head to Greece for a week as I began 2018. Knowing I would find fewer tourists and a different climate than I had on my past summer trips was part of the decision-making process. I had also decided to stay in Athens. I’d always passed through, taken a jaunt up the Acropolis, done a few things around the city, but had never actually come to visit Athens as my ultimate destination. This time things are different. I found a “historic” hotel for myself. When I say historic and place it in quotes, that’s sort of me rolling my eyes. In Greece, there is very little that one can call historic without it actually being ancient. This is the home of that well known landmark that dates to 5th-century B.C…. so, there’s that.

Let me rephrase. I selected a hotel that had been family run for three generations. Old enough. I was drawn to this hotel because of it remained true to its core values. The Margi was also welcoming, sophisticated, and charming. These were the qualities I sought out for this trip and it turned out to be a just the right fit. The history of the Hotel is strongly linked to that of the Athenian Riviera, which first emerged as a vision in the early ’60s. Doctor Yancos Stavridis, supported by his wife Katy, was the founder of The Margi Hotel and one of the men who shared the vision of creating an Athenian Riviera. A complex of 18 luxury apartments in 1964 began to be erected which now stands at 89 guestrooms. They were lovely. I wasn’t longing for the sea, having just returned from a cruise holiday, but I always like to know it is nearby. From my balcony, there was a perfect view out to the Mediterranean Sea. Although not longing to be on the water, my thirst to soak in water was and is always present. That was easily satiated by a dip in the pool; such a cozy oasis. Beyond the walls of the pool area, lay lush greenery that clung to the hillside.

The only thing I am clinging to re the memories of being still for a week. Me, the Margi, their spa, the pool, and access to all my culinary favorites, like authentic Greek cooking, were easily accessible at my five dining options. No climbing to see the Parthenon or running to find souvenirs around town, I was still and tranquil. Now, as I fly back across the pond, I am ready to embrace 2018.

Ta léme sýntoma, (see you soon)




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