A Letter From North America – Maimi Beach


We’re in Miami…Beach! Hopped off the plane and headed for some winter sun on South Beach.  We were looking for a city and a hotel that would be exciting and romantic. Although we bring the excitement to wherever we are, we knew that on some level, there would be additional shenanigans to be had in Miami and on the beach. We wanted a week full of exploring, dancing, drinking and sightseeing. When we were planning our stay, we knew the hotel needed to be in a great location, odder wonderful service, and we didn’t want it to necessarily be part of a chain.  We like the idiosyncrasies of independently owned hotels.  There’s a charm to them and The Cavalier did not disappoint. Having heard about the newly opened hotel, right on Ocean Drive, we simply had to check it out.  No extra steps to the beach and it put us right in the middle of all the action. We were so glad we decided to make this our spot for the entire week.

We landed at different times, adding a little spice to our first reconnection after seven weeks of being apart. As my excitement grew to see him and give him a hug, all I wanted to do was park the car, exit like a movie star and melt into his arms.  That’s when the humorous events began. You picture yourself approaching this beautiful hotel with its brass plate gleaming on the exterior wall with “The Cavalier…Established in 1936” elegantly engraved. Pulling up to the hotel, I was full of nervous energy and smiles. All I had to do was park the car, and be that movie star, while getting my bags out and we would dissolve into the nightlife of South Beach…right?  Sure, that would have been easy as The Cavalier has a parking spot directly in front of the hotel, making it simple for guests to check in and do exactly what I had envisioned; a quick drop and off we would go in to the night air. Well, there was the parking spot, and here I was in a tiny car, tons of space, yet I still managed to bump something as I anxiously pulled in. Yes, he was standing right there awaiting my arrival. He saw it all. Instead of being the seductress, we started off our evening in stitches; thankfully only figuratively speaking.

Bad driving skills aside, we could not wait to get the week started and check out the hotel. The old-school elevator with the gate that needs to be pulled shut before it lifts or lowers you to your floor was a bit of a throwback treat for us.

This Art Deco gem was restored with an elegant lobby and was full of light, Renovated with chandeliers in the lobby, we took breakfast there almost every morning, alternating between indoor and outdoor seating.  It didn’t take long to get settled in to the hotel’s ocean view room.  The nice finishes in the bedroom and bathroom, were crisp and at the same time comforting, but we also had a world of outdoor fun to get swept away by. And for that, the location could not have been any better.

I’m leaving you here because we are off to the beach again.  It is right across the street, but after evenings spent absorbing all the South Beach nightlife, it feels good to soak up the sun and feel the sand beneath our feet.

See you soon!  With love from The Cavalier…




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