Villa Della Pergola – Alassio, Italy


Known for its spectacular views, the town of Alassio is in the province of Savona on the western coast of Liguria, Northern Italy. Villa della Pergola is surrounded by manicured parkland and overlooks the bay. As the centerpiece of this foliage, this hotel is a majestic beacon amongst the fragrant pines. Its terracotta color against the verdant greenery and azure hues of the bay are a rich palette that invites guests to stroll the grounds and perhaps stroll down to the beach to relax on the soft sands of the Italian Riviera and inhale deeply because the sea air is perfumed by tropical flora. Days here can all be spent wandering and daydreaming.

After having your fill of this intoxicating experience, the cool, marbled rooms of Villa della Pergola await your return. Each of the rooms of this intimate hotel are uniquely designed, so your return visits can find you either in the same room you first fell in love with or become a new yet familiar experience upon each visit. The hills within which the villa is nestled is has narrow winding streets that take you through old town. Filled with family run eateries, you get a true taste of the Riviera. Although less than 50 miles from the French border, you’ll most likely want to stay close. At least on your first visit. With only 12 rooms and two floors, it may seem too small to keep you occupied, but the grounds, the quaint town and the bay are all part of the equation. Add Villa della Pergola to you must do list in 2018, because you simply must.


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