Hotel El Ganzo – Cabo as I Do


When I received an invitation to Cabo, I wanted to do anything, anything at all besides get on another plane and fly across the country and then turn left to head south of the United States. I love
Mexico and I love travel, so why was I not my normal bubbly self, ready to pack bags and head to the airport? I’ll have to admit it right here and right now: I had heard so much about Cabo and the “party scene” that I subconsciously ruled it out as anything swanky or remotely close to the sorts of vacations I enjoy, but I instinctively accepted. Therein lies the rub. Travel is in my blood. If I ever say no to taking a trip, embarking on an adventure, or jetting off to anywhere in the world, check my pulse. After accepting, while on a beach in yet another country, I read the fine print a few days later, as I do.


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