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Gastronomic Gallivants

Gastronomic Gallivants: Palazzo Di Varignana

By Sophie Ibbotson Many years ago I was told that the difference between French and Italian cooking is that in France, it’s all about the skills of the chef; and in Italy, it’s all about the quality of the ingredients. This may be an oversimplification but it’s a description which stuck in my mind, and […]

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By Sophie Ibbotson There’s nothing more emblematic of the Mediterranean than a grove of olive trees where the branches catch the breeze, their leaves sprinkled with the salty spray of the sea. Olive oil is not only a key ingredient in the local diet, and credited with increasing longevity, but it’s also in soaps and […]

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GASTRONOMIC GALLIVANTS: Elevated Tasting Menus in London

Ormer Mayfair by Sofian…Executive chef Sofian Msetfi The gastronomic experience began immediately upon being seated by Lorenzo, the maitre d’. He was expecting us. In the heart of London’s Mayfair, the alacrity with which he greeted and seated us was a bit unexpected. This part of town is famous for its very formal, upper- crusty, […]

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By Sophie Ibbotson The Lake District National Park has long been one of Britain’s most popular tourism destinations. The dramatic landscapes caught the attention of famous artists and writers: from William Wordsworth to Beatrix Potter, and JMW Turner to John Constable, they all found inspiration amongst these rugged mountains, rivers, and lakes. It is estimated […]

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By Sophie Ibbotson The Cotswolds is one of the greenest and lushest regions of England’s countryside. The rolling hills of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire are largely rural, with pretty villages built from a distinctive cream colored stone. Country pubs and historic churches dot the landscape, and you’re just as likely to meet a herd of cows […]

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Esplanade, Zagreb

For nearly 100 years, The Esplanade Hotel has opened its doors to the most glamorous society figures. Built in 1925 to accommodate wealthy passengers traveling between Paris, Venice, and Istanbul on the Orient Express, it is an architectural masterpiece of the Belle Epoque and one of the grandest hotels not only in the Balkans but […]

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The Pierhouse Hotel Scotland

Previous Next The west coast of Scotland reminds visitors that some parts of the British Isles are still truly wild. The pretty fishing village of Port Appin clings to the rugged coastline, looking out across the mythical sounding Lynn of Lorn. An area of outstanding natural beauty, it is a gateway to the islands and […]

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