Letter from Los Angeles


Hello darling,

This is going to be a fabulous weekend here at The Beverly Hills Hotel, affectionately known as the ‘Pink Palace’. As synonymous as Beverly Hills is with all things swanky, The Beverly Hills Hotel is famous for legendary service and legendary guests, and we are indulging I every bit of that pampering and prestige. Sure, we chose to stay here for all those reasons and the celebrity treatment, but this 5-star Los Angeles hotel is located on Sunset Boulevard, in the center of Beverly Hills, positioning us directly in the path of stardom or at least in the path of star-sightings. Here the stars don’t only come out at night, but also can be seen at breakfast, lunch, dinner, poolside and wandering the 12-acres of lush, tropical gardens and exotic flowers surrounding the hotel. There really is no need to name drop or star search at this hotel, discretion is the policy understood by all those who are a part of the property as a guest or staff member and being a gawking fan is gauche…nobody needs that. As I innocently strolled around the hotel, it was impossible to miss the fact that the proprietors have been diligent in remaining faithful to the original architecture and interior design, the luxury hotel has been carefully renovated to the highest standard of today while preserving its noteworthy level of comfort and flair. Although I would have been perfectly happy and stayed in grand style with the hotel’s wide range of deluxe rooms the rates were tempting enough that I chose to relax in a spacious suite. Next stay, I will definitely be opting for a secluded private bungalow. This way when I came back to the hotel after a day spent exploring the rest of Beverly Hills, I can indulge in some romantic tie while feasting on room service, without any concern about space or privacy. For now I am thoroughly enjoying my time as I wine and dine at the acclaimed Cabana Cafe, and have rediscovered the world famous Polo Lounge restaurant where a rounded booth has never been more inviting than it is in here. It puts me in the best position to enjoy the room and its diners. Cocktails here are enjoyable, but at Bar Nineteen12, a nod to the year the hotel first opened gives me indoor fabulousness and a glam terrace overlooking the pool. I love taking pre and post dinner cocktails right here. I’m glad we had the time to catch up and hope you’ll join me here on your next trip to Los Angeles. I am off to the do a bit of relaxing now, starting with a dip in the elegant, sun-bathed pool amidst the palms and then a little visit to the relaxing spa.

See you Soon,



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