A Letter from Europe


Yassas my traveling friends! I feel as though I am yodeling this to you. I’m writing from my latest outpost, situated in Zagori, Epirus in north-western Greece. This Region is a mountainous paradise and exceptionally charming. The entire area is currently under consideration for the UNESCO World Heritage List and is the first Greek cultural landscape to be considered for this distinction and designation, if you can imagine that. Zagori, which translates as “the place behind the mountains”, embraces 46 villages of unparalleled beauty, history and tradition built on the surrounding mountain ranges of Tymfe, Pindos and Mitsikeli. From my suite, I get to gaze out and see so much of this. The Aristi is close to everything, but is also so inviting that I stay in and don’t feel like I am missing out at all. With all the wellness offerings, spa treatments and indoor pool, there are some days where I just leave myself in their hands and all is right with the world. Having this resort built amidst one of the best preserved traditional settlements in Greece with exceptional natural beauty, you know there are views to be seen. These are unlike my typical favorites of Santorini and Mykonos or Kos.

Hardly on the tourist radar, Aristi is one of the most famous villages of the entire Zagori area and is home to this enchanting Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas. Thank fully for me, when I am not in the spa, I am enjoying kayaking in the Voidomatis River, an when I look up from the river bed, I actually get to see folks canyoning and spot the adventurous individual who is living out one of my dreams by hand gliding.
Tomorrow I embark on a cultural journey of the region for a complete Zagorochoria immersion. Wish me luck. My visit includes the stunning sights of Kipi village, Oxia vista point, Monodendri and Paraskevi Monastery, Dilofo village and Papigo area. I’m a little excited thinking about all that I ewill get to experience. Expect me to come back and regail you with everything I learned about the centuries of economic and cultural benefits experienced under the Ottoman Rule, and the remains I uncovered rom the Paleolithic period. This is certainly not my usual island-hopping Greek vacation, but it certainly is one for the books.



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