El Palauet – Barcelona, Spain


From tapas and cava to art and architecture, there
is no question Spain has a strong identity that sets
itself apart from the rest of Europe and the world. Even
more so, Barcelona in particular is in a league of its
own when it comes to thinking outside the box and
putting a distinctly Catalonian twist on everything.
El Palauet, a boutique hotel on Passeig de Gràcia in
Barcelona’s famed shopping district, is certainly no
exception. The building’s architecture is a stunning
example of the Modernism style made famous by
the Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi. Best known
for his contribution to the design and construction
of La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi played a major role in
the development and solidification of the Catalonian
Modernist architectural movement throughout Northern
Spain and the rest of the world.

The building that now houses El Palauet was designed and constructed in
1906 by Pere Falqués, one of Gaudi’s contemporaries
during the Modernist Era.

A tasteful meeting of old world style and modern chique,
El Palauet seamlessly blends modern furniture and
white décor with dynamic architectural designs favoring
flowing curves over sharp right angles. Everything from
the semi-circular floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows
in the suites to the sweeping staircases in the foyer,
beautifully carved out of wood, are symbolic of the
“Modernisme” style as it’s referred to in Catalan.
Even the small elevator is an original piece, ornately
decorated in brass and steel.
The luxuriously appointed suites boast two bedrooms
and two baths, a living room and working space as

well as a dining room and kitchen. The rooftop terrace
is an open air green space that has an array of spa
treatments on offer like a Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi tub
and massage room as well as beverage service. The
terrace is not only for pampering, it’s also the perfect
place to take in panoramic views of the city after a long
day of shopping or sightseeing. To the East the terrace
overlooks the Passeig de Gràcia, the city and the sea
beyond, while the Westward view is the ideal setting to
watch the blazing Catalonian sun rest quietly behind
the mountains while you sip a freshly popped bottle of
cava and soak yourself in the Jacuzzi.



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