Letter from Asia – Thailand


Letter from Asia


Along our journey, we found this intriguing tale.  It reminded us of The Sword in the Stone

Over 40,000 temples are found in Thailand. On the island of Phuket lies what is purportedly one of the oldest in the south, Wat Phra Thong. Within its hallowed halls sits half-buried golden Buddha, Luang Poh Phra Thong.

As the legend goes, a kindly old farmer was dismayed to find his son and cow had passed away in a field for no discernible reason.

Upon revisiting the site, the half buried Buddha relic was discovered. Although countless community members attempted to unearth the golden rendering of the god in its entirety, none were successful and upon each who touched it befell a curse. To protect the artifact and those who came to cast their eyes upon its gleam, a temple was erected around it.

No worthy visitor has unearthed it since the discovery centuries ago. For those who deem themselves a modern-day King Arthur, the sole soul able to lift the curse, there are ample accommodations nearby.

One option is the Akyra Beach Club Phuket, just recently opened or the exclusive private residences at the Aleenta Phuket

If someone finally breaks the curse, we cann celebrate at the Aleenta Phuket which manages exclusive, hillside and beachfront villas. These villas are owned by billionaires and feature entirely original artworks and design.

Wish you were here?

The Swank Team




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