A letter from North America


Hey fellow wanderlusters,

As a long time New York local, the Gansevoort has always been synonymous with cool, modern, sexy, chic, and unique. With the glitz and buzz surrounding the Gansevoort’s hotel, restaurant and rooftop bar I was excited to experience it for myself.

If you are looking for New York cool the Gansevoort Park is right on the money. Brandishing purple chandeliers set against clean black and white Mod décor, a roaring fireplace and ceilings as high as the eye can see- the Gansevoort Park immediately sets the tone as a trendy and warm NYC haunt.

After braving the fierce Park Avenue winter winds and it’s even cooler inhabitants, we were absolutely trilled to be greeted at the Gansevoort’s notorious Asellina bar and restaurant, with fantastic cocktails and a wine list to absolutely die for. As we sat there sipping our drinks and defrosting by the fireplace our waiter brought us plate after plate of amazing food. From the Frito Misto to the Albacore Tuna Steak, right down to the wonderful home-style three-meat ragu and Papardelle the antipasti and entrees were second-to-none. Despite my newly abounding waistline, I powered through, finishing off with the wonderful chocolate mouse. For a moment I felt as if I were in a very trendy Italian grandmother’s brownstone as she cooked the food fresh and kept the drinks even fresher.

Once we had thoroughly tasted and drank just a portion of what Asellina had to offer, we made our way to the infamous Gansevoort Rooftop Bar, (open from 11am-Late). Boasting views of the Empire State building and Park Ave, this indoor-outdoor rooftop made us feel that this concrete jungle was ours, even if just for a moment. Our server, Giovanni, recommended that my boyfriend and I try the “Infatuation” and the “Purple Rain” and he couldn’t have been more spot on with his recommendation. What this rooftop brings to the table that I haven’t found in most others is a truly eclectic experience. On the one hand– I’m on top of the world practically kissing the Empire State Building, but on the other, I am surrounding by warm people and a welcoming ethos that completely contrasts the winter storm brewing outside. If you step to the right of the bar you see the indoor-outdoor pool and a view that you can only get right there, right then, in that one New York minute.

As we’d finished our late night tour of the Gansevoort we decided to turn in to our room for the night. The space was truly comfy-chic. With a king sized bed that I never wanted to leave, a bathtub built to melt in, and a demi-patio; this suite made us feel like New York royalty. After retreating from the bitter coldness of the big city that I’ve come to call my home the Gansevoort made me wonder, what if I really am New York royalty? I hope you find yourself here.




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