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The iconic French Quarter, BioDistrict, historic Garden District and Warehouse District, are all known quantities in New Orleans and a very cool way to put yourself only steps away from them all is a chill stay at a Joie de Vivre boutique hotel by the name of The Troubadour. The hotel embodies the qualities of a city that is constantly reinventing itself. Revived local theaters, one-of-kind boutiques, and historical areas are all within easy walking distance. The Troubadour is an expression of the city’s free-spirited evolution and draws inspiration from the eclectic culture of New Orleans, and as a guest, its these elusive discoveries that we hunt for and the hotel unearths them for us, all in one chic package. If you want to spend n evening relaxing at the hotel, they’ve teamed up with a local mixologist to satisfy that cocktail thirst for the hippest, coolest drinks around.

Drink in hand; take a spin around the hotel itself as it was designed to celebrate New Orleans’ eclectic personality and layered history. Sip and stroll in the cool of the central-air as each space within the hotel has its own distinct identity and pays homage to the landmarked building. It’s the entire flavor with absolutely none of the fuss and muss of heading out. Come and see how they captured the spirit of The Big Easy.


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