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Manhattan, New York

Manhattan, New York

The headlines read:

Privacy in the most public place in the world.

You have to scratch your head and ask yourself how this could be possible. Evelynne says they’re an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple and many times it isn’t an overstatement. However, to be steps from Times Square and the neon buzz of this city’s tourist hub, one might find themselves pondering how on Earth this is possible. Enter stage right, the WestHouse New York. The sanctuary for business and leisure travelers alike. The dimly lit lobby with tufted elements, quickly soften your mood from what was only steps away on the sidewalks of west 55th street. After taking a bight out of the city that never sleeps, the hotel is a welcome resting place for a weary soul.

This doesn’t mean that the party stops, it is simply elevated. Throughout the day there are offerings in the private living room atop the hotel. During various parts of the day, guests are offered complimentary breakfast, snacks, happy hour and non-alcoholic beverages. When I say snacks, do not consider a bag of chips an option. On a rotating menu, there can be anything from sliders to Fettuccini Alfredo. The ambiance is casual and the guests have an opportunity to mix and mingle over bubbles or any variety of cocktails. If stepping out on to the terrace on this level doesn’t curb your appetite for being out in the elements, then pop back to your room and get dressed for time out on the town, if your elegantly appointed accommodations don’t lure you to stay in if even for just one night. The hotel is purposefully designed to have a fluid, residential feel. As subtly as it can, it tugs on you to make yourself at home. The very next time you find yourself in the city, try to find yourself at this hotel. The headline of being able to find privacy in the most public place in the world will all make sense once you check in.


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