Hotel Clark – Budapest, Hungary


Hotel Clark

Budapest, Hungary

Named after Ádám Clark Square and embellished with a Széchenyi Chain Bridge-inspired lion logo, Hotel Clark—one of Budapest’s newest additions— fuses its city’s rich history with modern architecture and interior design.

Standing graciously on the Buda side of what is now jointly Budapest, Hotel Clark’s central location— Ádám Clark Square— affords guests with sweeping views of ten historic landmarks, including the grandiose Parliament Building, iconic Danube River, and magnificent Széchenyi Chain Bridge. Paying homage to János Marschalkó’s lion sculptures that guard each end of the Chain Bridge, Hotel Clark takes this guardian and transforms the creature into the property’s emblematic design element— In fact, over 1,600 geometric lion heads tastefully decorate the hotel’s lobby, rooms, and corridors. Clark’s interior theme is modern, geometric swank. Shiny, black hexagon cut tiles, blocky leather couches, boldly printed chairs, abstract glass skylight lights, and perpendicular luminary installations fill every space of the premise, creating a luxurious yet minimalist ambiance. A crisp, aromatic fragrance— as unique and well balanced as Clark’s design—dances throughout the entrance, creating yet another wonderful sensory experience.

The same dynamic brilliance is executed in all 86 guest rooms and suites. Inside, one will find luxe modern furnishings, and of course, lioness adornments.
Chic white beds are emboldened with ebony leather headboards and avant-garde decorative pillows; Oversized contemporary lamps beam soft yellow hues; luxurious black tiled bathtubs and white freestanding tubs welcome relaxation; rainstorm shower doors are stained for privacy with sweeping matte lines that emulate a wispy lion mane; and Barbara Baska’s lion head graphic design is proudly painted on bedroom walls and stamped on bathroom towels.

Hotel Clark is also home to two must try eateries: Beefbar and Leo.
Beefbar, a bistro on the hotel’s main floor, serves lively dishes in a swanky setting. Playing with intricate flavor combinations and beautiful plating presentations, chefs create edible works of art. Soft orange paprika and vibrant green basil butter are just a few of the eatery’s novel creations. Relax in a teal suede chair and take in the mesmerizing Danube River over a truffle egg white omelet. Divine.

Perched atop Hotel Clark is Leo, one of Budapest’s poshest rooftop bars. As its name denotes, Leo connotes the grandness of a lion— offering panoramic views of both Buda and Pest. Sip a handcrafted cocktail and take a mental picture of Budapest’s impressive architecture and scenic beauty.



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