Find Yourself in Puerto Rico


St. Regis Bahia Beach

It’s balmy, breezy, full of spice and swankier than ever.  This is Puerto Rico and it will charm and embrace you.  It’s no secret that from the narrow streets of Old San Juan, you can find the essence of what the island used to be.  The history among the cobblestones and vendors, the bustle of the big city only moments away, but to be transformed and to find yourself, you’ve got to see this.  Not just one butler, but a team who are here to meet your every need, iron an outfit a day and simply pamper you to bits. Puerto Rico is brimming with diverse aspects of itself, from coast to coast, but I like what I discovered at the St. Regis Bahia Beach very, very much. I landed in San Juan and expected to be met and taken to the hotel, but what happened next was an elevating experience.  My St. Regis driver was awaiting my approach at the luggage carousel.  He knew my flight had landed and waited expectantly for me, and on this day, it was I alone in the luxury car.  He grabbed my bag, never flinching from the warmth of the afternoon, in his black suit and tie.  As he whisked me away, feeling very much like a superstar at this point– to the awaiting black car with its reclining leather seats and massaging widgets. Not my every day mode of transportation, but it felt quite welcoming. I adjusted my footrest to just the right height and we were already underway.  What on earth more could a proper arrival look like, if not this?  At this point he could have taken me all around the island and I would have been just as relaxed and open to explore. If the reception at the airport is this good, I didn’t think the resort could top it. I figured it would be on par with this experience but to top it, that didn’t need to happen, but it did. I found myself surprised, yet again.

Met by bell captains, staff bearing cold towels, another set offering refreshing beverage choices and yet others to simply greet me an escort me to the Plantation House where all my registration details were on file and simply needed my review and approval. This topped the arrival at the airport.  I was then met by my butler and taken away to the suite.  This visit I was overlooking the lush gardens filled with tropical foliage that buffered the pool from the beach.  The low-impact luxury feel was all around. Attention to detail, genuine smiles, hospitable service, an effort to go above and beyond and sabered champagne every evening at 6 pm are all to be expected on any given day at the St. Regis. I found myself expecting these services after only one day at the resort, and was never disappointed. From the beach bar called The Spot, where I had my first ever Avocado Margarita, which didn’t sound like something one would rush to order, I found myself pleasantly surprised and ordered two!.  The cocktail came out of a little competition on a slow day at the beach bar.  The bartenders decided to see what they could come up with; armed only with ingredients they had on hand. They took a tried and true recipe, kicked things up a notch and came up with this rich and creamy concoction of deliciousness. They are very creative at this beach bar!




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