Flights of Wine – Portugal


One of the rarest places to find a good bottle of wine may be 38,000 feet in the air. TAP Air Portugal has flipped the script on that notion and is elevating the inflight wine experience. By harvesting some of the best wines in the country, the airline has created an inflight wine experience that gives you a taste of Portugal before ever touching down. Oenophiles rejoice. Portuguese wines have been around for centuries, and commercial exportation of the intoxicating beverage has been ongoing ever since 1703. The outflow of Port wines and others have been an integral part of how people have come to know, or think about, wines from this westernmost part of Europe while all along wine enthusiasts have been trekking to the various wine producing regions of Portugal for quite some time. TAP is expanding the Portuguese wine experience, starting upon takeoff and we are onboard with getting a taste of Portugal as soon as possible.


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