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Swanky Sips: The Pinot Coast – Victoria, Australia

On the hunt for an uncharted wine destination, I found myself drawn to the Pinot Coast – Victoria, Australia’s largest wine producing coastline acclaimed for its maritime pinot noir. Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, this region traces the state’s Southernmost edge of coastline for over 400 miles, making it a drawcard for wine aficionados, surfers and city day trippers in search of...

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The Harry Cipriani, Fifth Avenue, New York City. Timeless swank is what Cipriani’s is all about. Carrying the torch that was lit in 1931, back in Venice, Italy by Giuseppe Cipriani. Just off the Piazzo San Marco, Giuseppe opened the famed Harry’s Bar and gifted the world with his inventions. Carpacio, now a generic term […]

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