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Can You Canoe?

Embarking on an adventure vacation in Mendocino is incomplete without the unique offerings of Catch A Canoe. Here’s why this outdoor haven should be a must-visit on your next escapade to the region: Scenic Exploration: Catch A Canoe provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of Mendocino, particularly along the pristine Big River. […]

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Winery Rundown – Mendocino’s wine scene is intoxicating

Nestled in the bucolic beauty of Mendocino, Lula Cellars and Father & Daughter Cellars beckon wine connoisseurs on an exquisite journey through the region’s vinicultural treasures. Here’s the inside scoop: Lula Cellars: A Symphony of Sustainably Crafted Elegance Lula Cellars, a hidden jewel in the Mendocino wine scene, seamlessly blends luxury with a commitment to […]

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