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Trying to figure out what to pack, in a duffle, 30 lbs or less…yikes.
Fly fishing via helicopter, arranged exclusively by Clayoquot, check. Ocean kayaking in the North Pacific, also on the itinerary. Horseback riding, already in the saddle. They have all the gear, they say, but you still want to look cute and dress like yourself. Well, away we go.

After packing my weekender bag for a four day trip, I gave it the old side-eye and begged it to not let me down. A girl needs more “stuff”, right? Will this pared down version of my usual suitcase be enough? It’s still a bit cold in British Columbia this month. Do I really have enough? After reviewing the website for the fifteenth time, “Remote…explore where few have gone before. Refined… rustic seclusion and luxurious comfort. Remarkable… anticipating every indulgent desire.” It says. Hmmm, the juxtaposition of all things camping with my mindset of all things luxury are about to collide. I soldier on fearlessly as Clayoquot makes it sound more than attainable. Just hoping not to pitch a fit and honestly, not to have to pitch a tent. It’s Relais & Chateaux for heaven’s sake. It’s got to be amazing, so off I go with my less than 30 lbs of clothing, makeup, and facial cleansers. Had to narrow down the shoe selection to just one pair. I feel a fit coming on. Deep breath. This is going to be amazing!
Bag checked in right at 23 lbs., rethinking my shoe choice and filling those extra free pounds with my imagination. Pumps do not scream wilderness retreat. Those patent leather flats? Maybe the sweater I kept back and forthing about? Ah, doesn’t matter. I’m at the airport now and headed to Vancouver. Due to a slight flight delay, I’ll have to head straight to the seaplane that’s whisking me away to Clayoquot. No time to explore Vancouver. That’ll have to wait until I’m heading home in a few days. There’s a new luxury partnership that only recently launched between Rosewood Hotel Georgia and Clayoquot, which means more amazing journeys await me upon my return.


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