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A Moveable Feast Charleston, South Carolina

Southern charm and historical landmarks have always drawn visitors to the uniquely lovely Charleston, South Carolina. But now a higher-end Lowcountry culinary renaissance is baking in the deep American South, where traditional ingredients married to modern methods have created the ultimate swanky feast.
Strolling along the cobblestone streets I can’t help but feel transported to another, more gracious era. Horse-drawn carriages clip-clop along King Street as the sun peeks through ancient moss-covered trees swaying in the breeze. Historic sites lurk around every corner, but looking closer you’ll find the contemporary mixology and gastronomy that are today practiced behind the centuries-old grand facades. Most of the restaurants serve classic versions or clever updates of Lowcountry cuisine, that uniquely Carolina culinary contribution whose closest parallel is arguably Cajun cooking with its similar emphasis on fresh estuarial seafood and native-grown rice.



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