Spa Uncommon – London


“There are two places in the world where men can most effectively disappear – the city of London and the South Seas.”

— Herman Melville

The ESPA life at Corinthia London makes 35,000 square feet of spa space seem intimate. In here, the city of London disappears.  The stresses of even the roughest day can’t hold a candle within these walls.  The use of the Chanel color scheme, in all its elegance and subliminal effusions surround you in style and fill the space with class. The spa transforms you from the moment you approach the reception desk. That’s the moment your cares begin to disappear. Guests flow through the space with its black lacquer and creamy walls whose curves usher you from section to section. Feeling grounded on the thermal floor, with heated marble lounge chairs only feet away from an exceptionally large black lacquered column that divides the room from sitting area to lounge, whose core has been carved out to house a semi-circular fireplace relieving you of any chill you may have walked in with. amphitheater styles glass sauna, so you can overlook the pools and the ice chips in constant replenishment mode.

Taking the spa to a new level they call the integration of new methods, the mindful spa

Declutter the mind, relax the body and free your soul. Techniques include using, crystals, visualization, breathing and other techniques. Their holistic approach to wellbeing is curated by a team of the world’s top experts in these areas of mind body and spirit.  The treatments and services run the gamut from alternative therapies, to fitness and beauty treatments. The Technogym features the latest fitness equipment and is staffed with a team of expert personal trainers to give you exactly what you need to either maintain an existing regimen or start you on the right path. The gym is very much in keeping with the rest of the spa facility. It is luxurious, discreet and perfectly located in the heart of Whitehall. Guests enjoy 24/7 access to this part of the facility in addition to other areas. This elevates the common spa experience exponentially.  Wrap it all up in a space designed to harmonize and you’re living the ESPA life at Corinthia.  The buzz of London is just outside but from in here, you would think you are far removed from it all. The seasons and often temperamental London weather are nary a passing thought in the warm embrace of the spa. While swimming in the Various pools on the thermal floor between stints in the amphitheater style glass sauna, the steam room and the lounge areas, you may be contemplating your next treatment. After a mindful massage, wend your way back to the sleeping pods. That’s correct. You’ve got your own spacious cocoon with floor- to-ceiling curtain to separate you from the other five dimly lit resting spaces outfitted with comfy pillows and blankets as a fireplace warms the room. We love this spa for taking every element of the spa experience and mindfully executing it, inherently taking it to the next level, if even on a subliminal plane. There’s room to explore in this spa and not just physical space, but the menu of services ranges from traditional treatments to physiotherapy, and Chinese massage fusion and runs the gamut all the way to acupuncture. Check in to the gorgeous Corinthia hotel, stroll out the front door to your favorite London haunts and then return to the sanctuary that is ESPA life at Corinthia.

Ask for a room near the spa elevator and be transported directly from your luxury suite into the spa.  Lose yourself here and make all your cares disappear.


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