Swanky Sips – Baker Street Social, Bali


Life is simply too glorious not to embrace the unusual.

Meet our signature libations,

each crafted with an equal amount of artistry and fervor.

-Baker Street Social

After spending a few weeks in Indonesia, I had had my fill of Bintang, the local pilsner style beer, and was desperate to find a good cocktail. While staying in Bali for a few days I decided to dig deep and see what the cocktail culture in Indonesia’s most popular destination was like using my favorite trick when traveling; while sitting at a bar enjoying a beverage I often ask the bartender where they would go for a drink if they were finishing work. Bartenders always know the best places to go. After asking around at a few locations I finally heard a whisper about a small speakeasy called Baker Street Social, just outside the trendy neighbourhood of Seminyak. After some research, I managed to contact the bar and they gave me their rough location, although the lady on the other end of the phone gave me an address, building numbers are few and far between in Bali and usually not in sequential order so the street numbers are often useless, this was no exception. “Just look for Sheerlocks barbershop across from Metis,” she said, “we’re upstairs.”

What is Metis? Your guess is as good as mine was.



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