A Luxurious Weekend Escape at Playa Largo Resort: Where Tranquility Meets Exquisite Adventures


Nestled in the heart of captivating Key Largo, Playa Largo Resort emerges as a hidden sanctuary of opulence and tranquility, beckoning to discerning travelers like myself seeking a weekend retreat that seamlessly blends luxury and nature. Join me as we embark on an immersive journey through a realm where indulgence and the beauty of the natural world intertwine harmoniously.

Arrival in Key Largo:

As the sun painted the sky with its golden hues, I arrived at the doorstep of Playa Largo Resort. Welcomed by the warm hospitality of the staff, I felt an immediate sense of comfort. A glass of chilled champagne awaited me, a prelude to the exquisite experiences that awaited.

The Beach House – My Private Oasis:

Escorted to The Beach House, my exclusive abode for the weekend, I stepped into a realm of pure opulence. Perched on the shoreline, this private villa radiated tranquility. The interiors exuded lavishness, framing breathtaking panoramic ocean views. Stepping onto the terrace, I was greeted by a private pool, inviting me to lose myself in the beauty of the surroundings. Floating in this water while gazing out at the Florida Bay was to be one of my favorite activities.  The three bedroom private villa was a sanctuary. Replete with a gourmet kitchen, my choices for dining were far from limited.  One evening, I had the chef come over and treat me to a five course meal paired with wines throughout, of course. Gastronomic adventures became a highlight of my escape. The expertise of a world-class private chef brought forth culinary masterpieces tailored to my preferences, all within the embrace of The Beach House. From succulent local seafood to international delicacies, each dish was a testament to the artistry of flavor. Then just add water…The only dinner on property that rivaled that experience is called the water table. This is a sunset dinner where the entire meal is served in the bay itself. The table and chairs are anchored in the water, deep enough for your toes to be cooled by the water and passing fish can graze against your swaying feet. All while the sun slips beyond the horizon. It’s a treat for all of the senses to dine at the water table.

Mastery of Mixology:

Intrigued by the art of mixology, I eagerly delved into mixology classes led by skilled bartenders. Set against the backdrop of an elegantly adorned lounge, I unraveled the secrets of crafting signature cocktails. With every sip of my own creations, I embarked on a delightful journey of taste and creativity. Upon returning home, I had to try a few of the cocktails on my unassuming friends and family. The results were pure bartender fantasies fulfilled.

Harmony with Nature:

Immersing myself in the serenity of Playa Largo Resort, I embraced nature’s offerings wholeheartedly. A stand-up paddleboarding excursion allowed me to glide across serene waters, basking in the gentle embrace of the ocean. The sight of graceful manatees drifting by, lent an enchanting touch to an already magical experience.

Sailing into Serenity:

An exhilarating catamaran sailing expedition awaited, promising an exploration of the captivating coastline. Guided by an experienced captain, I sailed through azure waters, the sea breeze kissing my skin. The rhythmic lull of waves against the catamaran and the vast expanse of the ocean painted a picture of serenity and freedom.

A Day of Divine Pleasures:

My weekend retreat reached its zenith with an unforgettable snorkeling trip courtesy of Islander Girl Snorkel. Beneath the crystal-clear waters, I encountered a mesmerizing underwater world teeming with vibrant marine life. Following this aquatic adventure, I indulged in a divine lunch at Marker 88 in Islamorada, where delectable flavors were enhanced by the stunning oceanfront setting.

Playa Largo Resort emerged as my haven of luxury and nature, where every moment was a celebration of opulence and serenity. From awe-inspiring snorkeling escapades to savoring gourmet marvels and mastering the art of mixology, my journey encompassed the very essence of blissful indulgence. As I bid adieu to this paradise, my heart swelled with cherished memories, eagerly awaiting the day I would return to Playa Largo Resort, a realm where elegance intertwines seamlessly with the beauty of the natural world.



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