The Amazon


Cruising down the Amazon in what is more of a yacht than what one imagines a cruise to be. Delfin cruise lines operate three boats on this river we have all come to know from movies, the news or other sources. Few of us have managed to actually set foot in this region and experience its beauty and reality and I think it is because it is so painfully poor and outside the pale of what we would instantly consider a holiday. Ah, but Delfin is here to share their Amazon experience with you and they will be sharing it in fine style. I was aboard Delfin I, the most intimate of the three vessels. Delfin I has only 4 stately staterooms, two of which come with their own plunge pool. These rooms put any ordinary ‘cabin’ to shame. With floor to ceiling glass walls, windows that frame the most inspiring sense of nature and the richness of your interior surroundings makes this cruise down the amazon more than appealing. The staff to guest ratio is approximately two to one, leaving very little room for any of us to go without first rate attention to detail and service. Twice a day I had the most interesting artwork on my bed. The staff came in to not only attend to the room but created very special towel art upon every visit. These characters ranged from oversized bunnies to people lounging with one leg crossed on top of the other, as if they were statuary, enjoying the view from my bed. Not expecting this creative touch, my first day, I ended up laughing out loud – ok, maybe snorting a little as well.

Getting to the boat was almost as much of an enjoyable experience as it was to set sail down the Amazon. The first class treatment began as I landed in Lima and was driven by chauffer to the JW Marriott for a quick overnight stay. The hotel was impressive and although only there for a few hours of sleep, I can say it’s was an elegant welcome to South America. My room overlooked the Pacific and was high enough to see right into Peru’s infamous fog at this time of the year. June seems to always bring this thick cloud of water droplets to the skyline of Lima. I liked it. For me, the mystery of fog adds a bit of romance to any trip.


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