Rancho La Puerta – Tecate, Mexico


Rancho La Puerta, dubs itself as the original “fitness resort” and spa. Just three hours south of L.A. in Baja, Mexico, the resort provides a luxurious wellness experience, offering guests a unique reawakening and spiritual mental escape. Releasing any tension you might have will be easy in its 3,000 private acres of gardens, mountains and meadows.

To avoid breaking anyone’s tranquility or moments of Zen, guests are welcomed from, Saturday to Saturday, or for partial-week stays of three or four nights, thus reducing an ever-changing set of guests and energy. Once you’re here, you can take part in over 80 fitness classes. That’s probably more than your local gym offers, plus the backdrop in undeniably gorgeous. There’s everything from TRX, yoga, Pilates, Watsu, all the way up to advanced hiking trails. That’s more than enough to break a sweat and feel accomplished.

Then there’s the other side of personal wellness and balance; the spa. Rancho La Puerta takes into account that the body, mind and soul all need to be recognized and offers therapeutic sessions and daily lectures to inspire guests to leave with a recharged sense of being. This is more than a backrub.

Specialty weeks at the Ranch are offered year-round, featuring visiting guest speakers, talented performers and workshop leaders—authors, politicians, musicians, artists, MDs and other leaders in their fields — to present afternoon learning experiences and evening lectures. The focus is on you taking home life-skills that will help you maintain all that you’ve gained from a retreat to this sanctuary.


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