A Retreat to Remember: Discovering Bliss at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge


Nestled in the mountains of Southern California…

lies a serene destination known as UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge. Recently opened to the public, it was here that my friend Lisa and I embarked on a remarkable journey, immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature while being graciously hosted on this iconic retreat that would serve as our sanctuary for the next few days. Join us as we explore the enchanting UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge, experiencing its breathtaking surroundings, embracing its warm hospitality, and creating memories that would forever hold a special place in our hearts.

The dense forests and shimmering lake…

provided a stunning backdrop, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Approaching the lodge, we marveled at its rustic elegance, embraced by the crisp and beautiful surroundings. The UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge emerged in the distance, a charming retreat of alpine-inspired architecture. The true essence lies not only in its picturesque landscapes but also in its warm hospitality. From the moment we set foot into the lodge, we were greeted with genuine smiles, ensuring that our stay would be nothing short of extraordinary. The comfort of our accommodations, along with the impeccable service, made us feel truly at home. The staff, always attentive and friendly, went above and beyond, ensuring that every need was met, making our experience even more memorable. After settling into our two-story cozy chalet nestled amidst towering trees, we breathed in the crisp mountain air, and joined our group for a sunset cruise on the lake.  Golden rays of sunlight spilling behind the mountains. The serene lake shimmered in the gentle breeze, quite yet perfect. As we glided across the lake’s surface, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the beauty of the surrounding homes, nature’s masterpiece adorning the lakesides. Our guides gave us insight on the who’s who of the town and the famous names who have lived and filmed movies at the lake.  Watching the sun tuck behind the mountains was not far from magical.

During our stay…

at UCLA’s Lake Arrowhead Lodge, the plant based meals at the Lodge not only catered to dietary preferences, but also painted an encompassing and enjoyable experience for all palates. The variety of meals exhibited unparalleled culinary brilliance. The freshness and tastiness of our meals were simply extraordinary.   The vegetables embodied a baseline of natural, enriching taste – whether baked, sautéed, or served raw in a light salad. Indulgence like risotto, were topped with a medley of mushrooms, simmered in light, savory sauce that caused a joyful dance of flavors on the tongue. My favorite and most memorable dish was the Chickpea Curry, impeccably prepared and seasoned, offering a hearty balance to the light yet refreshing soup starter.  The cuisine was one of the best parts to experience at the lodge.  We enjoyed buffet style for breakfast and lunch and a plated dinner, always accompanied by a variety of healthy and flavorful options to select from.

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge offers a myriad of activities, enticing us to explore and create lasting memories. A state of the art Pickle Ball court, hiking trails through the property made for a fun yet challenging adventure, specifically “Cardio Hill”, right outside our chalet.  Lisa enjoyed pushing herself and completing the ropes course climbing session, an obstacle course used for team building and pushing yourself past your mental and physical limits.

While adventures filled our days, moments of relaxation and connection were equally cherished.  The craft chocolate wine pairing and education was an activity to remember. The lodge’s communal spaces provided a tranquil setting to unwind and connect with fellow guests. Fireside chats at the fire pits, making smores created a warm and inviting ambiance. Connecting and rejuvenating were one of our main goals we wanted to get from our stay, and that is exactly what we received.

Evenings at the lodge…

held their own magic. The chill in the air embraced us as we settled down to our chalet’s crackling fireplace, sharing our experience and laughter while sipping on steaming mugs of hot tea from the lobby’s  24 hour self service drink station. The scent of toasted marshmallows lingered, a sweet reminder of the cozy fireside moments we cherished. As darkness blanketed, we walked to the main lawn, gazed up at a sky filled with stars, their twinkling luminescence creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

The next day was filled with wellness activities and mindfulness practices, accompanied by the perfect setting of the mountains, lake, and nature surrounding us.  We started our second day with yoga on the Zen Deck, overlooking the tree scape and the lake.  The perfect way to start off the calm day in the mountains. The transformative mindfulness walk to one of the oldest trees on the property  was the best experience of the day, guided by wellness coach Anne Fernandez.  The poolside social was special with the fresh watermelon cocktails hosted by the amazing lodge management team.

We couldn’t help but reflect on the transformative experience we had encountered. As we woke up to the most beautiful sunrise the next day, we savored our last breakfast, we gazed upon the serene lake one last time. A source of inspiration and solace our new sanctuary, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our journey to UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge was nothing short of enchanting. With gratitude in our hearts, we bid farewell to the marvelous lodge and welcoming staff, forever grateful for the haven provided to us.  Every moment was a testament to the power of retreat and rejuvenation. UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge not only provided a haven amidst nature’s greatness but also reminded us of the importance of connection and reflection. As we departed, we carried with us a renewed sense of peace, gratitude, and memories that would forever remain etched in our minds. UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge has truly left an indelible mark on our souls, reminding us of the profound impact that nature, great food and heartfelt hospitality can have upon our lives.

For more history and details visit www.lakearrowheadlodge.com


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