Take us Back, Key West – Marquesa


Our road trips have become more frequent and a little more epic. We had to drive to the Florida Keys and check into a classic in Key West. The Marquesa Hotel is a must stay when here on the southernmost key. She’s got all the charm that you’d expect from
Key West. Intertwine that with elegantly appointed suites encircling pristine pools, all edged by lush foliage and you will find yourself in the midst of this island’s tranquil oasis. What we love about this hotel is the sense of refinement experienced inside and out. By outside, I mean within the embrace of this hotel. The way it is designed is to make each guest feel as though they are in their own space, within a
courtyard, leaving all other cares behind. The buzz of Duval street is steps away from the veranda, but once you enter her doors, Marquesa carries you to a more relaxed and refined state.

Decidedly, the best of both worlds is found here. Cafe Marquesa satiates with a fine dining experience while the hotel gives you room to roam. Within a minute, depending on how slowly you want to saunter the one block expanse from the hotel to the island’s main street, you have all the other bits of the Key West experience at your feet. We prefer to soak up the ambiance of refinement within. Having
morning tea and coffee on our private terrace as we watched the sunrise wash a light pink over the pale blue of the hotel. The color combination appeared to make the walls of the hotel blush, as if to say, “Here comes the sun, shining a spotlight on all of my beauty.”  This classic has every reason to take her place in the sun, as did we. We found the perfect position to soak up the rays, while listening to the cascading waterfall atop the brick steps that lead to suites cantilevered on the second level. The design is so thoughtfully executed that each element that beautifies the space is also meant to preserve the privacy and intimacy of the guest experience.

Dipping into one or both of the pools was the most strenuous decision we had to make, and frankly, we decided to try them both…problem solved. Choices like these are what vacations are for. Have the best of the destination at your beck and call while staying above it all. This is one of the things that put a smile on our faces every day here and more often than not, we chose to lounge poolside. On one occasion, curiosity did get the best of us and we took a look at the newest member of the Marquesa family, just diagonal from this classic gem. The newest kid on the block is the sister property called Marquesa 4-1-4 and she is a more modern take on all the  original has to offer. Now, next time we visit, we have another choice to make. Shall we stay at our tried and true or experience something new? Either way, take us back!



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