Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Mexico


When one thinks of the wine producing regions of the world many places come to mind: Bordeaux or Champagne in France, La Rioja in Spain, Piedmont or Tuscany in Italy, Warra Warra Australia, Napa California, Mendoza Argentina… Even New York’s Finger Lakes or the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia produce quality wines that compete in the world market. However, Mexico isn’t usually on the tip of the tongue when discussing major players in the viticulture game. Yet the Western Hemisphere’s first winery was established in 1597 in Coahuila, while Argentine and Chilean vineyards literally stemmed from Mexico’s rootstock.


Most people would associate typical Mexican libations with over-sweetened margaritas made with cheap tequila, and thanks to a major rise in popularity in recent years, some might even swoon over tequila’s sexier, smokier cousin mezcal. Mexico and its wine-producing regions aren’t even in most people’s wine vocabulary; I know they didn’t enter mine until very recently… but now Valle de Guadalupe is a name and a place I will never forget.


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